The project Transgredir 'Transgress' was born out of the urgency to talk about and positively impact the trans movement and the society that surrounds it. Being a transgender is especially difficult in Brazil, the country that, in absolute numbers, registers more murders of transvestites and transsexuals, according to a survey carried out by the NGO Transgender Europe.

After realizing they belong to different genre than they were given at birth, these people are facing a real struggle to live their identity. In addition to the constant risk of being victims of violence, they don't have legislation to protect them, are excluded from the labor market, have enormous difficulty accessing health services, are harassed and raped and often suffer from misunderstanding and family rejection.

Such a picture makes this part of society to have a very low life expectancy. Data from the National LGBT Union indicate that the average life expectancy of a trans person in Brazil is only 35 years, while the life expectancy of the general population is 76 years, according to information released in December 2016 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

Through research and the use of Design Thinking in search of a real solution to a real problem - in addition to the partnership with the local trans community - a video was created with the aim of overturning stereotypes and showing that trans people are worthy of respect and that the change of external appearance does not make them bad people, but rather people who seek their own identity and happiness.

The material was exhibited at Universidade Feevale with the presence of members from the local trans community on a very special day where we once again had the pleasure of realizing how much Design makes people's lives better, by solving problems or simply recognizing them, showing empathy and solidarity.